“For some students, the college selection process has become so complex and the increasing use of technology so daunting, that they feel additional assistance is warranted. An increasing number of students and their parents have turned to resources outside the school environment to aid them in their search for appropriate colleges and universities and admissions counseling information.”

– National Association of College Admission Counseling

College Pathways has proven success at getting students into their top choices.

“Please know that Matthew (not to mention me) could not have gone thru this process without your help, your steady hand, your words of counsel and most of all your positive encouragement.”  – C. D., Los Angeles, Mother of Matthew

Can you afford to go it alone?

Most adults have more experience with complicated personal matters, like financing a home, negotiating business deals, dealing with litigation, or managing health care, than applying to college. But this is a big investment; for many it’s the second largest financial investment they’ll ever make and definitely one of the most personal. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars and the future of your child are at stake. So where do you turn? If you’re buying a house you get a real estate agent; investing in the market you probably consult a broker; need legal help you hire a lawyer; and the health care system has no shortage of doctors and insurance companies to call upon. Help solving the college admission riddle, cracking the code, is hard to come by. Public high schools in the U.S. average one counselor for every 500 students and increased competition for a fixed number of admission slots has created frustration and anxiety over the process and the eventual outcome. The process can be enjoyable only when you have a rational plan targeted at realistic goals.

What’s your admission edge?

What distinguishes your son or daughter from the competition? Do you know? What’s the right approach?  As part of your college admission team, we’ll develop a personalized strategy that emphasizes the positive and makes this all important time of your life exciting and enjoyable. We’ll match your son or daughter with the best college choices for them. We’ll find the edge and make sure they stand out. We’ll make sure the plan is in place for a positive outcome: the famous thick envelope offer of admission.

What about the cost?

The average total cost of attendance for in-state residents at public universities in 2020 - 2021 is $26,000.  The average total cost of attendance at a private college including tuition, fees, room, board, is over $58,000.   And cost of attendance at an Ivy League university and other selective universities (Stanford, Duke, Northwestern) is about $75,000.    We’ll help you navigate the financial aid process to bring down the sticker price.