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Are private high schools better than public high schools?

Are private high schools better than public high schools? In Los Angeles tuition and fees at the most exclusive non-residential private high schools ranges between $38,000 and $41,000 a year. Annual tuition at the top Los Angeles Catholic high schools is between $17,000 and $20,000. In other words, private high school tuition is comparable to many private colleges, and much higher than tuition and fees to a University of California campus. 2016/2017 tuition and fees for UCLA is about $15,000.

Is private high school worth the price of admission? Do college bound students at private high schools perform better in college? Do they have greater job satisfaction?

Palisades Charter High School senior (and College Pathways client) Clara Epstein wrote a provocative, well researched article for her school magazine that might surprise you.

If you’re considering forking over the price of a new Lexus every year for tuition for your high school student, or the equivalent of a down payment on a nice condo in Costa Rica for two or three kids, take a look at Clara’s article before you decide.

Private Lies


It’s a familiar stereotype: overcrowded classrooms, lazy, incompetent teachers, a drug-smuggling black market and daily fights. Public school. There’s an equally distorted perception of private school: rich, entitled brats, strict discipline and a more expensive black market. But this isn’t about disproving those stereotypes. This is about debunking the myth that private school students are … Continue reading