Transfer Students

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Transfer applicants are often confronted with greater challenges than the student applying to a four year college directly from high school. General education and major requirements vary dramatically at four year colleges and trying to match your courses with requirements at target schools complicates the process.  If you’ve attended multiple colleges and have several transcripts then you know what a challenge it is to reconcile it all and determine what to do.  Are you taking the right courses at your current college to satisfy the requirements necessary to transfer to your preferred four year school? Math, foreign language, science, humanities, and pre-major requirements are a veritable potpourri among four year colleges. Do the transfer requirements for College A match the courses you need to be eligible at College B? What about standardized tests? Some colleges require submission of scores, others do not. Some colleges will require submission of your high school transcript if you are applying with fewer than 60 college credits. Some four year colleges will accept a transfer student with fewer than 60 credits and others will not.

Transfer students must answer three critical questions:

  • What’s the best four year college for me?
  • What courses should I take to be eligible to transfer to my target colleges?

And the million dollar question:

  • What should I major in?

College Pathways welcomes the challenges posed by the transfer dilemma. We will help identify the right school for you and plan a strategy for your successful transfer. We will assess your current academic transcript and guide you through the entire application process. We make sure you’re on track to meet deadlines, help with all applications, essays, financial aid, and work with you to identify the college major that’s right for you. In short, we can manage this complicated process and ensure a smooth transition to the college and major to meet your life and career goals.

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