Learning Differences

Few challenges are more frustrating in the college search than finding a path for students with learning differences. The minute a student leaves high school the responsibility for obtaining the proper learning accommodations shifts from the institution to the student. Therefore, institutions vary in the quality and quantity of accommodations offered.

All colleges meet the legal requirements for assistance to students with disabilities, but some offer a bare minimum of resources and others have entire programs with an abundance of resources to meet the needs of students and help them succeed. It’s not as simple as assuming a small college with a low student to teacher ratio will offer better services. An applying student needs to be honest about what services he or she will need and research colleges that have appropriate staff and resources. Some colleges offer a range of services including note takers, readers, extended time, writing assistance, and staff members who will advocate with professors on behalf of the student. Other colleges may be a perfect match academically, socially, culturally, and geographically but be a poor match for students who require specific support for their diagnosis.

At College Pathways we believe all students deserve the opportunity to succeed in college and to participate in a culture that nourishes them intellectually and holistically. We have experience in helping students with learning differences identify the program and college that’s right for them and manage the admission process.

There is no extra fee for this service. We regard this service as part of our full college admission consultation agreement.