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9th & 10th GRADE COLLEGE PREVIEW CONSULTATION                                                  
2 hour in home or Skype college information session
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11th & 12th GRADE COMPREHENSIVE CONSULTING PACKAGE                                    
One-on-one guidance through every phase of the college admission transition
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For students applying only to California public universities, price includes both
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ESSAY ASSISTANCE  1 ESSAY – $200      3 ESSAYS – $500   ADDITIONAL ESSAYS   $150 each
Brainstorm every prompt; Outline, Structure & Editing; Meticulous review of every draft
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UC/CSU only  –  Special Price
Package includes all relevant services from Comprehensive Consulting Package
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College Pathways will team with you to create an individual action plan that’s the right fit for for you and your family. Whether you’re a high school freshman, a senior, or a transfer student it’s never too late to put our knowledge and experience behind you. We work one on one; step by step.

College decisions are family decisions. During our initial meeting we want to hear what your goals and objectives are and how we can work with you to achieve them. The issues are manifold; including academic, career, lifestyle, location, separation, and financial.

We start by getting to know you and helping you to know yourself a little better. College means independence, so we urge you to be yourself and make decisions that are right for who you are today and how you see your future. If you are a student with special needs we can help develop an action plan that accommodates your situation.

Curriculum Planning

The number one factor in college admission is your grades in college prep course work. We assess your high school’s profile and recommend courses appropriate for your college goals.

Standardized Test Preparation
The number two factor in college admission decisions is your score on the standardized test you choose to take. We help you decide which test to take; the SAT or the ACT. We recommend the right test preparation course for your individual learning style.

College Selection
The three factors to consider in finding the best college match are: academic interests, campus social life, and physical environment. We cover everything from the right academic program to the size and location of the college and from academic rigor to campus social life. College Pathways evaluates the cost of attendance and your family’s ability to pay. We help plan your college visits and work with you on your interview skills. Once you’ve selected the colleges that are right for you, College Pathways will help you execute the admission strategy.

The Application
Last year Stanford received 38,828 applications and accepted 2,210 students for an acceptance rate of just 5.7%.  There are similar statistics across the spectrum of competitive colleges and universities. What made the difference among all of these qualified students? The college application. That single document represents who you are, everything you have achieved, and who you aspire to become. It is you. For you to have an impact on the admission committee the application must make the impact. College Pathways oversees every facet of the application to ensure that you maximize your strengths. We monitor transcripts, deadlines, brag sheets, resumes, portfolios, department contacts, letters of recommendation, and assist in the writing of dynamic essays and personal statements.

Paying for College

The average tuition for a four-year public college is $8,893 for in-state residents (up 6.3 percent from last year). The average tuition for a four-year private college is $30,094 (up 6.6 percent from last year). Total cost of attendance at Princeton University, for example, is currently $58,965 (excluding travel). We assist with scholarship searches and help guide the financial aid process including FAFSA and CSS Profile applications. If necessary we will consult on financial aid negotiations when considering multiple offers from colleges.

Fee for Services
The College Pathways individual action plan for college admission is a full service agreement. We provide all the services described above tailored for your individual needs including unlimited access to our staff. College Pathways’ prepaid full service package includes personal meetings whenever possible, phone service, online research, and all necessary correspondence. Distance admission counseling is a specialty which offers student and family the same access to counseling as local clients.