College Counseling

You’ve invested a lifetime of
effort and achievement,
now it’s time to find the right college.

We work with your student to

  • Identify the right academic program and campus environment for you
  • Develop the strongest application for your success
  • Meet application and test deadlines
  • Write dynamic essays and personal statements
  • Create effective academic action plans
  • Ensure proper high school curricular choices
  • Maximize scholarship and financial aid

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  • One on One Counseling

    with the College Pathways Team

    Steve BurleighAchieving your goals in competitive college admissions takes experience and knowledge. Led by College Pathways founder Steve Burleigh, our team of experts will work one-on-one with you to navigate a path to the college that’s right for you, and right for your financial resources, with careful attention to your individual needs. Steve is an instructor in the UCLA Extension College Counseling Certificate Program with over ten years experience helping families achieve their college goals. Financial aid specialist Bill Smith is an expert in the process colleges use to determine how much merit and need based aid to award, and the mix of gift aid, loans, and work-study. Career and assessment expert Emily Pennington's specialties include career counseling, assessment interpretation, assessment evaluation, and major selection. We work with families across the spectrum of college aspirations and needs. We invite you to read more about us and to call for a complementary 30 minute consultation.
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